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Dee Voxx Music Studio and Production House is one of the most hi-tech studios and production houses in Gorakhpur. With its state of art infrastructure, its serves the requirement of eastern Uttar Pradesh. Today this music production house is engaged in talent promotion and artist management. It not only produces audio video music albums but also excels in the production of small films, ad films and documentaries with the help of highly experienced and skilled team. The studio also boasts of employing the use and application of modern equipment like Fore Camera Setup Kroma Studio, Black Curtain with Color Lighting studio setup and editing setup, making it the first advanced studio of its type in Uttar Pradesh. Dee Voxx Music Studio and Production House aims at nurturing and providing a platform to those nascent singers in Purvanchal who do not get such an opportunity and have to travel to cities like Delhi and Mumbai for the production of their audio-video albums. Dee Voxx Music Studio and Production House has a qualified and experienced team with Malay Mishra as its Creative and Production Head. He has worked as a senior producer and anchor in Mahua TV, ETV, Big Magic TV, Anjan TV , Focus TV , and Satya TV. Rajesh Raj, who is a well-known artist and has directed many Bhojpuri films while also having worked with Sadhana TV, is associated with our production house as a Director and Editor. Our production house is also fortunate to be associated with experienced cameramen- Abhishek Srivastava (senior DOP) and Santosh Paswan, who have worked as cameramen in many channels.Umesh Mishra, who is a well-known singer and has composed and directed songs in many films and albums is serving as the Music director of the production house and is in charge of composing audio tracks, along with his team of young and talented players which includes Uttam Mishra, Arman and Akhilesh Vishkarma.

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