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Laparoscopic and General Surgery - Neelabh Multi Speciality Hospital & Trauma Centre

  • Gall Bladder Stone

    Neelabh Hospital with state-of-the-art facility can carry out surgical treatment to bring relief from various gastrointestinal disorders. You can visit the hospital to get relief from a gallbladder stone and its associated problems and corrective surgery through laparoscopy or general surgery.

  • Kidney Stone

    Neelabh Hospital with state-of-the-art facility and experienced team of doctors can carry out all surgical treatments to bring relief from various kidney and urinary tract related disorders like kidney stone ureteric stone, cyst, prostate etc. most safely. We carry out surgeries like PCNL also.

  • Appendix

    Appendix Surgery is a very delicate surgical procedure and Neelabh Hospital at Gorakhpur with state-of-the-art facility can carry out these surgical procedures to bring relief to suffering patients through laparoscpic and general surgeries. We successfully carryout emergency and complex abdominal surgeries also, like intestinal perforation, intestinal tumours and ruptures etc.

  • Colon Tumour

    Neelabh Hospital with its ultramodern surgical techniques can carry out all surgeries related to colon like tumours and cysts.

  • Uterus Tumour

    Uterus tumour (बच्चेदानी की गांठ )also known as uterine fibroid which are usually non cancerous growth of uterus.The absolute treatment of such tumours is hysterectomy either by abdominal surgery or NDVH.

  • Hydrocele

    When the scrotum becomes large and inconvenient to live with, this condition is called hydrocele which is usually painless.These operations are successfully carried out at Neelabh Multispeciality Hospital and Advanced Laparoscopy Centre by Dr. Ashish Rai and his surgical team

  • Hernia

    Hernia is bulging of an organ like intestine stomach or any gastrointestinal part through an abnormal opening resulting into swelling, pain or other symptoms also. All various kinds of hernia can be treated by our expert surgical team of Dr. Ashish Rai at Neelabh Hospital situated at sports college road Gorakhpur.

  • Fistula and Piles

    Neelabh Hospital with state-of-the-art facility can carry out all kinds of ano-rectal surgeries with ultramodern techniques for our patients suffering from problems like Fistula,(भगंदर) Sinus and Piles(बवासीर) that requires least hospital stay.

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